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Ashland Creative Links is the intersection where science and creativity meet. Our expert researchers, analysts, and marketing specialists work tirelessly to ensure a brand and marketing strategy that is right for you and your target audience. Through market research, audience analysis, and focus groups, we guarantee to meet, if not exceed, your marketing goals and expectations.


We use our data, our clients' and their competitors' to paint a clear picture of a target audience.


Without a sound strategy, even the most beautiful and creative marketing campaign can prove useless.

Custom Tailored

Customizing marketing messages can increase a company's ROI exponentially.


Passion-led consumers are loyal consumers who believe in the products or services they utilize.

Become Their Passion

Passion branding utilizes an audience's strong emotions to enlist a sense of loyalty for a company or a brand. By carefully aligning a brand with an event or movement that ignites passion, a company can drive up sales and customer loyalty.

Becoming a passion brand can be a confusing concept. There are many steps involved. Not the least of which is doing a thorough audit of a company's brand identity. It defines what a company is and what it isn't, what it wants to be, and what it doesn't. These questions can seem overwhelming, especially to young start-ups that are not yet certain of their answers. However, our experts are just a message away. Let us help you on your brand journey with our complete list of services.

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Ashland Creative is here to help make your marketing goals into reality. Contact us to find out how to turn your brand into a movement.

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The Perfect Strategy

Creating Your Marketing Strategy

Creating a marketing strategy can be a stressful and daunting task. Creating a marketing strategy includes solidifying a company's brand, developing different strategies for traditional and digital formats, and cultivating buyer personas for different niche and segmented markets. At Ashland Creative, we understand the level of commitment that this process takes, and we promise to be with you every step of the way.