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The Science Behind Marketing

Ashland Creative LLC is a collective of researchers and analysts dedicated to finding your target audience and helping you market to them. We believe in finding niche segments within your audience and tailoring your marketing message to turn your brand into something that breeds passion into your audience.


Developing strategies and utilizing data to plan a brand's next move is the fastest and easiest way to success.


We use not just our expertise and data, but yours to find your audience and define your brand.


We are researchers and analysts at our core. Our strategies and recommendations are backed by data you can see and understand.

Audience Segment Experts

Let Us Custom Tailor Your Message

Demographic Segmentation

Demographic segments include age, gender, income, family structure, etc. Combining all or some of these segments can give marketers a clearer picture of what products or services the target audience is willing and able to purchase.

Behavior Segmentation

Segmentation helps make messaging more specific for niche audience members. Behavioral segmentation includes purchasing behavior, lifecycle stage, customer loyalty and level of engagement, etc.

Buyer's Journey Segmentation

The buyer's journey consists of three stages: Awareness, consideration, and decision. Each stage provides the opportunity for customized marketing to encourage potential customers to progress in their buyer journey.

Know Yourself

Know Your Audience

The average consumer is now well informed and passionate about which brand they patronize. With a flick of the finger, most consumers can find out what a brand stands for.


Focus groups help to hone and validate certain aspects of a marketing strategy or campaign. Using Focus groups to test a hypothesis can prove or disprove critical parts of a marketing strategy.


Collecting as much data as possible from multiple sources can help a brand discover its target audience and build buyer personas. These "best client" persona examples help target specific behaviors and buying habits.