Tummler Logistics

Tummler Logistics is here to fulfill your company’s WIFI and Cell Tower acquisition needs.

who we are

As your company expands overseas, Tummler’s industry knowledge makes it essential in keeping your company connected. Tummler Logistics provides reliable, saleable and cost-effective solutions to meet demand today and to continue in the future. Our experience has given us a strong understanding of this industry over the years and has allowed us to excel in managing our employees, projects and various equipment. Through experience, we have learned how to overcome obstacles and go above and beyond our clients’ expectations.

what we do

Tower acquisition is performed through a three-step process. This process is research, acquisition and maintenance. Although this seems like a simple process, a great amount of detail goes into it. Each step requires a separate team and each team has sub teams to assure that each step is completed to the highest standards. We believe in completing projects correctly but also in completing them efficiently in order to meet all of our customers’ needs