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Audience Driven Marketing

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Become Their Passion

The answer to marketing is not to try to be as neutral as possible. On the contrary, it's to be as transparent and as vocal as possible. A brand, much like a person, cannot and should not be everything to everyone. It's essential to find your ideal audience, their likes, dislikes, preferences, and make a stance to inspire passion in a segmented audience that will become lifetime users of your product. Ashland Creative Links is here to help you find your target audience and inspire passion within them.

Market Research

Truly understanding a target audience is the easiest and best way to become a passion brand.

Audience Segmentation

Identify niches in your audience and deliver more custom-tailored messaging.

Marketing Strategy

Finding a brand's target audience is only the first step. The second is developing the perfect strategy.

Focus Groups

Testing Ideas and concepts on focus groups has proven an essential part of creating a successful marketing strategy.

Leveraging Brand Perception

Qualitative Data

A successful market strategy starts first with qualitative data.

Social Media

Find your target audience and create content designed for social media use.

Competitor Analysis

Outperform your competition by using digital marketing analysis.

Emerging Markets

Fill a Rapidly Growing Demand

Competition can be stiff in established markets. Learn how your brand can reach emerging markets in need of your products or services.

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Focus Groups

Focus groups do not provide an abundance of quantitative data. Instead, they provide market researchers with a plethora of qualitative data, which goes a long way in establishing a successful passion-based marketing strategy.

Utilizing focus groups helps a brand learn certain aspects of a demographic that may have otherwise remained unknown. Companies can find gaps in a niche market that they or their competitors have not been able to fill just by listening.